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Dry Rub for Grilling Chicken Wings - Drumsticks, Halves or Quarters too

lightly coated wings - One Perfect Wing Rub. When grilling chicken halves, leg quarters and ev...

Favorite Web Page / Blog in Mobile - I'm a Finalist

Thanks Mobile for choosing Drick's Rambling Cafe as one of the top 6th favorite web pag...

Grilled Marinated Roast Beef

Roast Beef with Grilled Steak Flavors. Now this is a taste sensation that's waiting to explo...

Chicken a la Creole Spaghetti

This is one fine chicken recipe - "I gawr-on-tee!" Growing up, my family eagerly enjoy...

The latest recipe for Spinach Madeleine

Spinach Madeleine with Tomatoes This is one classic spinach casserole. There must have been 10...

Makings of a Chicken Salad Poboy

Old-Fashioned - that's the only way to make it. Naw.  Nothing new about this recipe. Chicken...

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